Nucleosomics: Accessing the Epigenome
NuQ® immunoassays: a range of nucleosome profiling kits based on Volition’s Nucleosomics® technology


Nucleosomics® - Accessing the Epigenome

Volition’s NuQ® range of research use only epigenetic research tools is available to life science researchers in a familiar and accessible format – the simple immunoassay.

NuQ® assays are robust, reliable and reproducible. No specialist equipment or training is required and simplicity of use and data interpretation is at the heart of our standard immunoassay format.

Key features:

  • Sandwich ELISA for profiling global epigenetic features
  • Characterises native, intact nucleosomes i.e. no acid extraction of histones
  • Unique profiling assays including nucleosome-protein adducts
  • Quantitative determination of multiple epigenetic features in a single assay format
  • Compatible with the Bradford assay for sample normalisation to cell number
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